24rd Original Saxon Mining Calendar 2017

"Huth houses in the Saxon mining"

The 24. Original Saxon mining calendar with the title "Huth houses in the Saxon mining" deals in the edition 2017 with these buildings of the historic mining and smelleding.

Typical Huthaus from the Erzgebirge mountains

As from the last 23 expenditure of mining calendar known presented this again impressive photos of underground in combination with 13 historical Huth houses.


Presents the gallery places and buildings from Halsbach/ Freiberg, Neustaedtel, Pobershau, Frohnau, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Reinsberg, Halsbruecke, Zinnwald, Koenigswalde and Brand-Erbisdorf.


The publication 'Original Saxon Mining Calendar' appears since 1994 and astounds people all over the world, who are interested in the historic mines.

Unit price: € 19.90

incl. VAT. excluding shipping worldwide, ISBN 978-3-9815545-7-1

The calendar is available from the
middle of September 2016.

Details to Mining calendar

This calendar is a wall-calendar containing 15 pages (title-page, intro-page with introductory text, 12 month-pages, back cardboard with detailed explanations).The whole calendar is held together with black spiral binding, and its format is 32 cm wide x 45 cm long. Its ISBN 9783981554564.


Each calendar runs up to 19.90 Euro incl. VAT and shipping within Germany, but until Sept. 27th, 2015 there's a special for just 18.50 Euro each.


Shipping takes place in a solid wrapping printed with historic mine-motifs. Shipping within Germany is gratis. Outside-shipping would add the standard DHL-costs. Shipping is worldwide to individuals, companies, clubs and book-stores.

All previous Mine-Calendars since 1994: all of them are listed and named in our archive. Please click on each individual page and it would prompt you to the desired site."




stable and nicely printed calendar packaging

Mining-Calendar as a Givaway-Present

Next to countless individuals who order year for year our mining-calendar are now more and more enterprizes, clubs and institutions who order the calendar as a gift for i.e. Christmas or New Year for their customers, co-workers, or club-members, etc.

Underneath of each individual month's sheet is a way to print your company's name-advert, which we offer at already just 10 calendars. The backside made of cardboard is enlarged by 4 cm 
so that the advertisement imprint can clearly be seen the entire year.


Imprint is done via a high-resolutional digital decal. Each calendar is wrapped in stabil and nicely printed packings.

The individual price, when ordering a minimum of 10 examples, runs to 16,72 € incl. the commercial imprint, but plus VAT (Mehrwertsteuer) of 19 %.


By bulk-order you'd receive even better conditions, but for such please inquire per eMail. I'd gladly advise you.


Shipping within Germany is free. Into all other countries the current DHL-fees would be applicable. Our calendars are being shipped globally.


The calendar may be ordered: Onlineshop www.bergbaukalender.de or per eMail.


To the history of the mining-calendar

In cooperation with the printery 'Druckspecht' and the 'TU Bergakademie Freiberg' the idea for this calendar became to life in 1993, and so the very first mining-calendar for 1994 was published in November 1993, and ever since issued eithout any interruptions. During this period of time many events and happenings took place, for both, the enterprizes as well as for the engaged individuals.

The two publishers Jens Kugler and René König are the 'makers' of the first hour; and they're a bit proud of it, understandibly, to have published, for nearly 1/4 of a century, this unique calendar. We dare to proclaim that our wall-calendars pertaining to this topic and in its quality of the picturings are unique in the world.


In our archive you may view all previously published mining-calendars since 1994.

Altenberg, Altenberg, Freiberg, Glashütte, Großschirma, Grünthal, Halsbrücke, Johanngeorgenstadt, Niederpöbel, Sadisdorf Altenberg, Freiberg, Frohnau, Halsbrücke, Johanngeorgenstadt, Kleinvoigtsberg, Marienberg-Hüttengrund, Pobershau, Rothschönberg, Schneeberg Altenberg, Annaberg, Brand-Erbisdorf, Dorfchemnitz, Freiberg, Halsbrücke, Hartenstein, Königswalde, Niederschlema, Rehefeld, Rothschönberg Altenberg, Annaberg, Berggießhübel, Brand-Erbisdorf, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Frauenstein, Freiberg, Glashütte, Johanngeorgenstadt, Marienberg
Mining calendar 1994
"Georgius Agricola"
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"Mining and water"
Mining calendar 1996
"Mining in saxony"
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"Goodluck for Mountaintowns in Saxon"
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"Mining in saxony"
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"Mining in saxony"
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"Mining and Minerals in Saxon"
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"Coinage and Saxon mining"
Altenberg, Bannewitz, Brand-Erbisdorf, Freiberg, Frohnau, Gersdorf, Johanngeorgenstadt, Marienberg, Schneeberg, Wolkenstein, Zinnwald, Zug Altenberg, Brand-Erbisdorf, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Freiberg, Geyer, Halsbrücke, Kleinvoigtsberg, Königstein, Lauta, Marienberg, Muldenhütten, Nieder  Berggießhübel, Brand-Erbisdorf, Freiberg, Frohnau, Halsbrücke, Johanngeorgenstadt, Marienberg, Obergruna, Rothschönberg, Rothschönberg Altenberg, Annaberg-Buchholz, Boden, Brand-Erbisdorf, Cainsdorf, Marienberg, Pobershau, Scheibenberg, Schneeberg, Zschorlau, Zwickau
Mining calendar 2002
"Sketches from mining"
Mining calendar 2003
"From the hights to the depths"
Mining calendar 2004
"Intraday brickwork in the Saxon mining"
Mining calendar 2005
"Georgius Agricola (1494–1555) and his time"
Brand-Erbisdorf, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Freiberg, Gersdorf, Geyer, Großvoigtsberg, Halsbrücke, Krummenhennersdorf, Schneeberg, Schwarzenberg Altenberg, Dresden–Gittersee, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Freiberg, Marienberg, Niederschlema–Hartenstein, Obergruna, Oberscheibe, Oelsnitz, Pöhla–Teller Annaberg-Buchholz, Berggießhübel, Cunersdorf, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Freiberg, Halsbrücke, Halsbrücke, Kleinvoigtsberg, Marienberg, Niederschlema
Mining calendar 2006
"Intraday tables in the Saxon mining"
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"Mining surveying"
Mining calendar 2008
"Historic transfer-conveyores in the mining"
Mining calendar 2009
"Stollens in the Ore Mountain mining"
Brand-Erbisdorf, Bärenstein, Chemnitz, Dippoldiswalde, Elterlein, Freiberg, Langenberg, Oberscheibe, Pfaffroda, Pöhla, Sayda, Schneeberg Brand-Erbisdorf, Freiberg, Geising, Geyer, Halsbrücke, Johanngeorgenstadt, Marienberg, Neukirchen, Schneeberg-Neustädtel, Weißenborn Altenberg, Berggießhübel, Brand-Erbisdorf, Bräunsdorf, Freiberg, Geyer, Großschirma, Halsbrücke, Oberschlema, Pöhla, Schneeberg-Neustädtel
Mining calendar 2010
"Illustrated Saxon mining"
Mining calendar 2011
"Bergreyhes of the Saxon mining"
Mining calendar 2012
"Sculptures, Plastiques & Reliefs in the Saxon mining"
Mining calendar 2013
"Gaits in the Saxon mining"
Breitenbrunn, Caminau, Dresden, Frauenstein, Freiberg, Geyer, Halsbrücke, Königswalde, Lengefeld, Neustädtel, Pöhla, Reichenau, Schneckenstein Erzgebirge
Mining calendar 2014
"Treasures of the Minings"
Mining calendar 2015
"Personlities of the Erzgebirge"
Mining calendar 2016
"Type-localities of minerals from the Erzgebirge"
Mining calendar 2017
"Huth houses in the Saxon mining"

The mining calendar 2018 appears in the autumn of 2017.

Mining calendar 2017

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